Friday, 22 January 2016

Which are the best tanks?

Of course, this is a highly debatable subject. Most players will find a tank which suits their own style. We have gone through the first few pages of an official WoT topic and calculated the number of votes to produce the list below. The list is subjective and I'm sure not everybody will agree, however this is the general consensus!

Best Tank by Tier

Tier  1: Ltraktor

Tier  2: T18

Tier  3: Marder 

Tier  4: Matilda

Tier  5: M4 Sherman

Tier  6: VK36.01H

Tier  7: T29

Tier  8: Tiger 2
Tier  9: E75 
Tier 10: T110E5

Source: here

At least you will now have a general idea if your unsure which routes to progress down on the Tech Tree. Enjoy tanking ;-p

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